About Me

As you can tell from the name of this site, I’m a dreamer and I’m a wanderer. I’ve traveled with my family and school throughout my childhood, but I didn’t really get bitten by the travel bug until a two-month stay in China through my university and I’ve been in love with wandering through life ever since. I’ve met so many people from all over the world and learn something new every time.

Now, my life is about saving for and getting obsessive over the next trip. I have lofty dreams of living in New York, New York with my wonderful, totally-not-destructive, only-semi-obnoxious cat and seeing the rest of the world when I manage to scrape up the money. Does it really make sense to live in a notoriously expensive city just to leave it several times a year? No. But dreams aren’t always logical.

Besides, dreams are dreams because they’re aren’t real. Not yet, at least. For now, I’ll keep saving and spending and wandering and blogging and planning and dreaming. To see me travel the world (slowly but surely), subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Twitter. I promise I’m too lazy to spam. 🙂