My Master Travel Packing Checklist

I love checklists. I have a checklist for groceries, to-do's, holiday gifts, what to write, what to do before I publish a post, places to go, new shows to watch... you get the idea.

For most of these, you check an item and you're set! You cross something off your list and feel good. When there's something new, you write it down. A nice little cycle. But with travel lists? You write up your list, check everything off in a night, go have tons of fun, forget about the list, then re-write the list the next time you have to travel and hope that you don't forget anything important. Unless you're smart and use an app that doesn't delete the items as you check them off.

Honestly, this list is mostly for me. I need to put my master travel packing checklist somewhere I can't misplace it, like the internet. But if it helps someone else, even better :) Just a heads up, I am a girl. If you're not one, you might not need some of the things on this list and I might be missing something you'd want to bring.

My Master Travel Packing Checklist

Travel Documents and Important Things

- Tickets and the like.
- I don't remember dealing with these, but my roommates needed extra documents from our uni to go back and forth to Canada. Whatever miscellaneous documents you need besides the visa in your passport, don't forget 'em.
- Just in case.
- Hard copy in case your phone dies.
- Let the card companies know ahead of time when and where you're going, and keep some emergency cash in a separate location.
- Hard copy of the name, address, and phone number in case your phone dies.

- Country's emergency number for you to call, and emergency numbers for the people who find your body to call.
- One for you, one for your emergency contact.
- One for you, one for your emergency contact.
- In your language and the country's language. If you can't say it, at least you can point.
- For discount purposes. Rare, but they exist.

See also: Tips for packing light.

Clothes and Shoes

- Yes, I've forgotten to pack bras before.

- For the plane, even if it's summer.
- For the hostel showers or room, even if it's winter. Or you can do what Piper did in Orange is the New Black.

- For your dirty laundry.
- For your dirty shoes.

- If it's sunny.

- If it's snowy.

- If it's cold.


If you need to bring one.

- Or suntan lotion, depending on your preference.
- If you know you're going out. Or if you just like makeup.
- If you know you're going out. Or if you just like your bling.

- I've had to buy packs and bring them back home with me about three times now.


- For me, my Geco Cam and my Polaroid.

- If you need it. For your Polaroid or something.
- If you're travelling abroad.


- Guys seem to have bottomless pockets, but I need a smaller bag for my wallet, camera, battery packs, and whatever.
- Great for planes and hostels. Alternatively,
- Also great for planes and hostels.
- You can fill it up once you get past security.
- For the plane.
- You never know how long your flight'll be delayed.
- Unless the raincoat's enough for you.

That's my master travel packing checklist. Am I missing something? Let me know!

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